Calculation of taxes and support of inspections

The most difficult branch of law is tax law, even for most lawyers. This is also due to the fact that tax legislation is more often than oters areas of law subject been change. Sometimes, there are completely contradictory in content instructions and letters of the State Tax Service, which are guided in their activities by tax authorities. This leads to legal conflicts, which creates additional difficulties for business representatives in trying to understand them.

Errors in understanding and applying the rules of tax law can lead to serious consequences, up to and including the termination of a business. At the same time, the tax authorities are constantly increasing their pressure on business.

  •  Consultation on any taxation issues;
  •  Preparing a response to a request from tax authorities;
  •  Analysis of the inspection report and preparation of objections;
  •  Appealing against decisions and resolutions of the tax office;
  •  Calculation of taxes and fees for any objects;

In this regard, it will be difficult for business representatives to fight the tax authorities without professional legal assistance. Such assistance can be provided by our attorneys and lawyers who have grate experience in interacting with and opposing tax authorities.

The law firm provides a full range of services in legal support of activities in matters of tax law. Our experts will advise you on any taxation issues, give a complete and detailed answer that will be clear to you, regardless of the complexity of the issue.

We will provide you with practical assistance in applying controversial tax legislation, protect your interests during tax audits, appealing against illegal decisions, as well as the actions of tax authorities. We will help you understand the changes and processes taking place in the tax area, prepare for them, identify and prevent tax risks in a timely manner, profitably use the opportunities provided by legislation, as well as protect your rights and legitimate interests of a taxpayer, preserve and develop your business.

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