Inspection and registration of real estate

Legal support of real estate transactions is due to the presence of a large number of “pitfalls” in the field of real estate registration, as well as the ingenuity and grace of fraudsters in this area. Therefore, the advice of an experienced lawyer is necessary at any stage of the transaction, because not everyone wants to lose their time, money or, what is most unpleasant, the very subject of the transaction.

In order not to become a victim of fraud, to protect your rights and interests, to promptly and correctly draw up the necessary documents, we suggest you use our services.

  •  Checking the seller before the deal;
  •  Checking the property for arrests and encumbrances;
  •  Removal of arrests and bans from the facility;
  •  Assistance in registration of geodesy, tech. passports, expertise, appraisals, etc .;
  •  Assistance in obtaining permits, commissioning;
  •  Maintenance of notarial real estate transactions;
  •  Assistance in registering property rights;
  •  Calculation of taxes and fees for real estate.

Our lawyers will review any of your real estate transactions. Including checks: the history of the property for the legality of actions taken earlier; the legality of the transaction; lack of legal obstacles; legal analysis of the terms of contracts is carried out. If necessary, you will receive support for transactions with real estate and construction, support for registration of ownership, assessment of legal risks when concluding contracts with real estate, and, if necessary, protection of your interests in court.

If you are just at the start of construction and you need to draw up the necessary documentation – entrust this work to us. You will receive a full package of permits.

If you need to register your rights to a constructed object, we are ready to provide legal assistance in registering ownership of real estate.

Legal support is a guarantee of your peace of mind, saving time and money!

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