Analysis and preparation of documents

In the process of doing business, any company or entrepreneur is faced with the need to conclude contracts. Although, at first glance, the essence of the contracts seems simple and straightforward, the conclusion of each of them is associated with risk. In most cases, this risk is expressed in the obligation to incur losses by one of the participants.

You can protect your rights with the help of the correct contractual settlement with the participation of our experienced lawyer.

  •  Legal expertise and analysis of any documents;
  •  Drawing up protocols of disagreements;
  •  Drawing up сontracts and agreements of any complexity;
  •  Preparation of settlement agreements;
  •  Development of individual projects for a specific operation;
  •  Registration of a claim or objections to a claim.
  •  Preparation of a claim or objection to a claim.

Our task is to minimize any risks of the Client, including: the risk of non-fulfillment, the risk of unilateral refusal to fulfill the contract, the risk of losing the subject of the contract, the risk of invalidating the contract, etc. To detect possible negative risks in order to regulate them, our lawyers make up just such a contract that will accurately reflect all the details based on from the actual situation. In the course of legal expertise, legal risks are identified, the text of the agreement is edited in order to avoid ambiguity in interpretation, an optimal legal scheme is built for the implementation of interrelated transactions, etc.

Most of the relationship between the parties is regulated by contracts, however, there are situations when the issue of material or moral damage can be resolved through claims work. Filing a claim is a delicate job that should be entrusted to our professional lawyers, because they can correctly assess the situation and take the necessary measures to resolve the issue without going to court. Our lawyers will not only organize competent claim work to protect your interests, but also revise the clauses of contracts for loopholes that unscrupulous counterparties can use.

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