Business registration

Do you want to start a business? We will help you to arrange and protect it.

  •  Business registration advice;
  •  Choosing the optimal taxation system;
  •  Company registration (with the charter and the protocol);
  •  Changes to statutory documents, to the state register;
  •  Sale of corporate rights and re-registration of companies;
  •  Accompanying mergers, divisions and acquisitions of companies;
  •  Assistance in liquidation of companies and much more other.

Any business activity in Ukraine requires legalization through registration. Before registration we need to choose the organizational and legal form of the company (sole proprietorship, LLC, JSC, PrJSC, etc.), which will provide you with the most effective business. Corresponding registration procedures imply a certain sequence of legal actions: preparation of the statute and protocols of the management bodies of legal entities, with inclusion all the necessary provisions; preparation of applications of a certain form for submission to state registrar; certification of documents by a notary and more other actions.

Choosing the optimal taxation system is important when starting a business. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary costs, reporting and reduce the frequency of possible inspections by regulatory authorities.

All of these actions can be carried out by the specialists of BA “Consensus”, and in the meantime you will continue to develop your business strategy.

If your company is already working, we are ready to provide services, tied with the re-structuring or made changes to the registry (name, addresses, changes in the composition of the founders, director, size of the statutory capital, etc.).

The process of liquidation of the companies is multi-stage and rather long. In this area, BA “Consensus” provides services for the preparation of the decision on liquidation, the appointment of the liquidation commission, the correct drawing up of the balance sheet, closing bank accounts, preparing a list of documents required for liquidation in the tax authorities, exclusion of records from the state register.

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