Business protection

Today any really working business that creates jobs and pays taxes is still subject to pressure from law enforcement agencies. The reasons may be different: “order” of competitors; work with contractors who are involved in illegal schemes; independent initiative of the authorities, etc.

Criminal prosecution does not always have a judicial perspective, but it can cause significant damage to a business or completely destroy it. We are ready to provide you with a full range of necessary legal protection.

  •  Analysis of the physical and documentary security of the company;
  •  Preparation of company employees for searches;
  •  Accompaniment during inspections, searches and seizures;
  •  Legal assistance and participation in interrogations;
  •  Appealing arrests;
  •  Study of case materials and development of a legal position;
  •  Defense in criminal cases during pre-trial and trial investigation;
  •  Protection of the rights of victims and witnesses.

We have great experience in combating illegal actions of law enforcement agencies, which often abuse their powers. This can be both numerous checks and more radical actions, for example, searches, summons for interrogations, seizure of property or accounts.

Competent protection of the enterprise from such actions is of great importance. Often, the normal operation of the enterprise depends on the correct response from the very beginning of communication with representatives of law enforcement agencies, drafting documents, appealing against illegal actions and documents, defending one’s position in court.

Effective business protection includes the following elements:

1 Collection and analysis of information about the existing problem. For this, official and unofficial channels for obtaining information are involved. Also, to understand the cause of the existing problem, an analysis of the work of the enterprise itself is carried out.

2 Building a comprehensive strategy to protect the business, includes identifying the weakest and most painful areas of the enterprise and, accordingly, eliminating the cause and protecting the weak points; conducting an on-site “audit” to assess the safety of your activities; preparation of company employees for various emergency situations and development of an algorithm of actions.

3 Direct work in the framework of criminal proceedings, namely, participation in interrogations, searches, taking the necessary actions to cancel the imposed arrests, accompanying the examination and the like.

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