Unlocking tax invoices

Bar association «Consensus» received a request from a company that unreasonably suspended the registration of a tax invoice in the amount of more than UAH 100,000.

The client's attempt to dispense with explanations did not lead to the expected result, having considered them, the tax authorities refused to register the tax invoice.

Our Lawyers analyzed all the documentation, worked out tactics for further actions and filed a complaint with explanations to the Central Commission of the State Tax Service. The complaint was upheld and the tax invoice was registered.

Correctly chosen position and strong reasoning allowed the client to avoid further litigation and related costs.

Client saved

100 000 uah.

Income paid to a nonresident

BA Consensus received a request for advice on withholding tax on repatriation when paying income to a non-resident under a ship charter agreement.

Having carefully considered the issue, having analyzed the contract and the norms of the current legislation governing the outlined situation, a detailed consultation was prepared.

The client received clarifications:

  • regarding the obligation to withhold tax on income of a non-resident with its source of origin from Ukraine in accordance with the Tax Code of Ukraine;
  • regarding the application of an international treaty on the avoidance of double taxation;
  • regarding the conditions for exemption from withholding tax on income of a non-resident in the presence of an international agreement.

Based on the results of the consultation, conclusions were drawn and recommendations were made.

Client saved

150 000 uah.

Debt collection under the contract

The company applied to JSC "Consensus" with a request to protect the rights and legal interests. The client completed the harvesting works using their own equipment, but the customer did not receive payment.

The claim prepared by the lawyers was also ignored by the debtor. Then a claim was filed in court and the interests of the Client were represented in the litigation. Based on the results of the court proceedings, the Client was recovered the debt in full, taking into account penalties, inflation, compensation for legal aid costs and court fees.

Subsequently, enforcement proceedings were opened, within which arrests were imposed on the debtor's funds, and his property was put up for public auction.

Client saved

200 000 uah.

Value added tax (VAT) compensation

The tax authorities carried out an unscheduled documentary audit of the company regarding the legality of declaring a negative value for VAT. Based on the results of the inspection, an act on the violations was drawn up. According to the inspectors' conclusions, the negative value was unlawfully overstated by more than UAH 3,000,000.

The client applied at the stage of receiving the inspection report. The lawyers analyzed the act and the documents provided, prepared and filed well-grounded objections within the prescribed period.

Consideration of objections to the inspection report by the management of the State Tax Administration in Odessa region was carried out with the personal participation of a lawyer as a representative of the Client. Based on the results of consideration, the objections were accepted and satisfied in full, and the findings on violations were excluded from the inspection report.

Client saved

3 million uah.

Removal arrest from property

Our client became aware of the arrest of the apartment. Our lawyers took measures to collect information and obtain a decision, on the basis of which a ban was imposed on the commission of registration actions with the property. During the execution of the order, it became known that the arrest was imposed by an investigating judge in the framework of criminal proceedings. Since the arrest violated the owner's constitutional and civil rights, there was every reason to appeal the decision on appeal.

The lawyers prepared a substantiated appeal and filed it within the time limit established by law. At the hearing, the lawyers presented the necessary arguments and explanations. Based on the results of the appeal, the appellate court ruled to cancel the appealed decision and remove the arrest.

Client saved

1,5 million uah.

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