About us

The Bar Association brought together the best representatives of the legal profession, from masters of law to candidates of law. We are a team of professionals and like-minded people who approach their favorite business responsibly.

Lawyers and attorneys are each responsible for their field of practice.. Each client requires an individual approach, and we know that it is necessary to take into account the direction of activity, the structure of the enterprise and the scale of the project.

You can count on our decency and diligence. Our clients receive the maximum possible guarantee of the positive decision of questions and problems. Our work saves you time and money. We hope for productive cooperation!

Sincerely, BA “Consensus”

Our Features


    offer the client several options for choosing the optimal


    achieve a positive result at the lowest cost for the client


    be honest with the client while maintaining confidentiality

yearsof experience
peoplein a team


Each client is unique, therefore, for successful cooperation, we have developed several basic packages of subscription services.

Complex legal support for your activities involves full outsourcing of services or teamwork with the existing legal department of the company, depending on the package you choose.

If you need to provide a one-time service, we have separate tariffs for legal assistance.

Sincerely, BA “Consensus”


  • Business registration and support
  • Consultation of tax issues
  • Legal assistance during an inspection or search
  • Preparing responses to requests from regulatory authorities
  • Development of contracts, provisions and other documents
  • Due diligence and documentation analysis
  • Legal representation and pre-trial settlement of disputes
  • Defense in administrative and criminal cases
  • Debt collection. Removal of arrest / seizure
  • Real estate registration and deal support